Revenue Streams

Active Revenue Streams

1. NFT Sales

For the very first sale transaction of each creator NFT, the creator will receive 95% of the sales amount for each NFT, while the GOYA team will take 5% as marketplace transaction fees (of which 2% will be donated to non-profit charity organizations listed here. The transaction fee covers our cost in the creation and minting process, which would otherwise be more expensive if done elsewhere.

2. Merchandise

From time to time, the GOYA team will collaborate with creators to release limited edition merchandises that will be sold either on auction or first come first serve basis on the GOYA Marketplace. As such, this merchandise will be in the form of an NFT and physical NFT. Holders of this NFT Merchandise can redeem their physical NFT via the GOYA Marketplace portal by filling up the relevant details. Once submitted, the GOYA team will prepare the merchandise to be shipped to the NFT holder directly.

3. Exclusive GOYA Events

As the GOYA team organizes and hosts events on different occasions, we will be inviting our beloved creators to join us as VIP guests as well as allocating a percentage of revenue for them from the ticket sales revenue we acquire.

Passive Revenue Stream

1. Royalty

Your earnings do not stop when you sell your NFTs. As the original creator, the creators will continue to earn a 5% royalty every time their NFTs exchange hands from one holder to another. For example, when the previous holder sells it to another person, you will earn 5% of the amount the sales amount. On top of that, the GOYA team will take 2.5% of the total sales amount.