DAO Treasury

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Treasury is a community pool for governance holders to have the right in creating and voting on proposals that will impact the future direction of the entire GOYA ecosystem. As votes come to pass, the GOYA team will ensure to implement of the changes based on the passed proposals. The DAO Treasury funds come from different sources, such as:

1. Initial Injection of 25% from the Ecosystem Fund upon GOYA Marketplace launch.

In the initial stages, we will be transferring 16,000,000 GOYA into the DAO Treasury wallet upon the GOYA Marketplace launch to initiate.

2. Portion from the monthly vested Ecosystem Fund tokens

The GOYA team will be allocating some of the monthly released Ecosystem Fund into the Treasury for the purpose of growing and sustaining the DAO Treasury.

3. 20% of all revenue across the platform

Based on total revenue from the fees earned, the GOYA team will take out 20% to be added to the DAO Treasury.

Purpose of DAO Treasury

There are various purposes for which we have developed a smart contract that functions the DAO Treasury, which are:

1. Locking up GOYA and reducing circulating supply which will reduce the price volatility of GOYA and stabilize its value.

2. To allow community and long-term holders to participate in GOYA's future development.

3. To initiate token buybacks whenever it is deemed necessary to ensure the token value is protected for everyone's best interest.

4. Increase and build funds to give back to the community in the form of governance changes such as, but not limited to increasing the Rewards System, higher yields in GOYA Farms and incentivizing creators to gain more user base and profiles in the GOYA Marketplace.