In order to sustain the GOYA Marketplace in terms of operational, development and marketing cost, there are certain fees that will be implemented within the GOYA ecosystem which are;

1. Trading Fee

For every sale transaction within the GOYA Marketplace, the GOYA team will collect a 5% fee from the total sales amount. 2% will be donated towards helping charities and also increasing awareness and exposure of GOYA in the online space.

2. Minting Fee

Whenever a user wants to obtain a GOYA NFT via GOYA Chest, there will be a fee for the purpose of creating that NFT.

3. GOYA Farm Deposit Fee

Whenever a user wishes to stake in any pool within the GOYA Farms, there will be a deposit fee of 0.5% will be charged.

4. Royalty

From the second sale onwards for creator NFTs, there will be a royalty that will be rewarded to the creator (depending on the creator's Tier Status) from the total sales amount. On top of that, the GOYA team will collect 2.5% of the total sales amount as part of the platform provider.

5. Merchandise Sales

Whenever the GOYA team collaborates with our creators to have limited and exclusive merchandise sales on our platform, there will be a 20% profit-sharing that will be allocated to GOYA which contributes to the cost of marketing, creating the merchandise and developing the Web3 aspects behind it.