Creator NFT

Creator NFTs are limited edition, specially designed by each creator to showcase their art, their true selves and hard work. Each piece is designed specially tailored to the influencer's preference and is open to sharing with their followers and community in the GOYA Marketplace.
Each NFT is limited by each creator as they have a specific limit when it comes to minting NFTs.
If creators wish to mint more than the NFT we provide from onboarding, the cost to mint each NFT will be between $50 to $200 (depending on the creator's preferences and specifications).

What makes a creator NFT unique?

1. Obtain likes

Creator NFTs are the only NFTs in the GOYA Marketplace that can be liked by everyone. This means that the NFT will get more traction and value as the amount of likes increases for a specific NFT. It is also to showcase and determine the favourite NFTs among the GOYA community and will be accounted for in the NFT Ranking Leaderboard from time to time.

2. Equip your profile

Users who own a creator NFT are able to equip it in their GOYA profile, showcasing and bragging about their ownership and association with that specific creator. There will be a unique look for different creators that will be also added to the user's GOYA profile.

3. Exclusive Access

All holders of a specific creator NFT will receive special access to that creator's events, whether it's a discounted ticket price or a priority sale. We want to bridge the communication between loyal fans and the creators themselves, giving our users the sense of pride and honour to be noticed by the creators themselves.

4. Merchandise Sales

Whenever we do a collaboration with creators, we will release (on their behalf) limited edition merchandises that can only be bought within the GOYA Marketplace. However, creator NFT holders from that specific creator are able to get priority in these merchandise sales whereas others will not have that privilege.
Not only priority but also getting great discounts on their merchandise purchase on top of that.

5. Community

All NFT holders from the creator will be able to access a private group where you will be able to connect with that creator.
On top of that, you will be getting exclusive insights and access to their content and early release (subject to the creator's approval).