GOYA Whitepaper V2

GOYA Chest

There are FIVE different types of chests that are within the GOYA Ecosystem. Each chest can mint a different tier of GOYA NFT at a different rate, which is shown in the table below.
Type of Chest
Chances to obtain
Common: 50% Uncommon: 30% Rare: 12% Grand: 6% Legendary: 2%
Common: 20% Uncommon: 35% Rare: 25% Grand: 12% Legendary: 8%
Common: 5% Uncommon: 15% Rare: 40% Grand: 22% Legendary: 18%
Rare: 25% Grand: 37% Legendary: 28% Cosmos: 10%
Limited Edition NFTs
and other GOYA NFTs
The above chests can be obtained from, but are not limited to: a) GOYA Events; b) NFT Sales; c) Rewards System; d) Purchasing it from another user in the GOYA Marketplace.