GOYA Whitepaper V2


Creators generate revenue in a number of ways, including through sponsored posts, webinars, and participation in content/product marketing and traditional advertising campaigns. In most of these activities and events, followers accessing the content required followers and communities to subscribe through the creator's platform.

The Underlying Issue

Centralized platforms in social media make accessing the content free for followers and benefits through advertisement or stealing their data for selling. The platform makes tremendous profit while the creator gets a minute of the revenue generated. Furthermore, the hosting platform will also determine where, when, and how consumers access the content.
Another issue creators encounter is the issue of pirating, duplication, or modification of their original work by clients or followers. Work-for-hire is now a standard part of most content creation agreements. The common form of work-for-hire is for the influencer to create work and then hand it over to the client. Because the customer hired the agency to develop the content, the client owns it once the expenses are paid. Another form of ownership is corporate ownership, where the influencer and the client both have equal ownership rights, and there must be mutual agreement on the usage of the content.

Our Solution

How do creators have 100% ownership of their content, idea, and products? Simple; via NFT (Non-Fungible Token). NFTs provide everyone with economic control over their digital assets, allowing them to trade the asset for a profit - utilized in GameFi or DeFi - and used to earn money in play-to-win games, among other things.