GOYA Whitepaper V2

Vision and Mission


To create a safe environment for creators to share unique collectibles & experiences with their communities by utilizing web3 technology.


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    To Build the World's First Decentralized SocialFi Marketplace: We aim to provide an easy and convenient process for creators and their followers to adapt to the blockchain world, where they can advertise and share their personal NFTs through trading and gain exclusivity.
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    To Empower Creators: We want our onboarded creators to have full ownership of their assets and know that their hard work and content make a difference in our community and how we develop our marketplace

Inspiring the world's creators and content creators

We inspire creators all around the world to create for the Metaverse. We accomplish this by empowering all creators and equipping them with the tools they require to compete. We link the Metaverse Value Chain to creators. GOYA believes in the Metaverse Economy's potential and how creators can drive it upward. We believe that by enabling creators and content producers, we can motivate them to contribute to the Metaverse economy. We aim to make it simple for anybody to engage in this economy, and we're doing so by putting in place the necessary tools and infrastructure.

Improving brand and creator collaboration

Brands and creators can collaborate to create exclusive NFTs for the brands' customers. This collaboration operates in the same manner that every other brand/creator cooperation does, but with a more innovative twist. Collaboration between brands and creators raises awareness: Just like creators who promote items on social media, they may utilize their popularity to influence others to invest in NFTs. Thus, utilizing their collection to create awareness for clients.