GOYA Whitepaper V2

NFTs and Utilities

The pandemic has hastened the transition to new forms of communication, including live streams, virtual reality communities, and social spaces in video games like Roblox and Fortnite. By developing AR and VR devices and capabilities, social media corporations are also leading the charge in opening doors to the metaverse. Virtual creators are receiving increasing attention across social networks as the barriers between virtual and real-life blur. Goya NFTs allow you to monetize your content and reputation as a creator, as well as reward your followers and develop deeper interactions with your audience.
Once your NFTs are minted and tradable on the Goya Marketplace, you may choose to include extra features that your followers will have access to when they buy them.
An NFT is an asset that is valuable on its own; fans that acquire the NFTs can use it as a store of value. Furthermore, when a fan acquires one of your NFTs, for example, they could get:

VIP tickets to your next event

Fans and followers are enthusiastic about their favorite celebrity’s event, and they can go to any length to turn up for such an event. VIP ticket package that will give fans an opportunity to see the performance first - a special meet-and-greet with the band after the performance, and front-row seating. Getting a VIP ticket as a reward for upcoming events is an effective way to gain the interest of followers and fans in your NFT collections.

Early access to upcoming projects before the release

Early access to an upcoming project/work before its release can be a great way for fans to get a sneak peek of what's to come. While some creators or celebrities allow early access so that they can fix any issues that may arise before the released version goes live, this definitely put fans that have early access in an important position. And if they will be willing to buy from your NFT collection if that is what is required to have such a privilege.

Discounts on merchandise

Holding an NFT from your collection can open up an exclusive discount on your other non-crypto merchandise or products of the brand you are doing creator work for.

Support for your personal brand

Fans acquiring your NFTs is also a good way to show support for your projects, career, or the organization you are influencing the work for. By holding your NFT, your followers can express their support and do so while holding valuable assets. Acquiring your NFTs is not only used as a way to show support; it is also a good way for your fans to show appreciation for your work in keeping them informed or entertained.