What is GOYA?

Jump in to a SocialFi dimension with creators and their communities
GOYA is a social decentralized finance (Social DeFi) marketplace platform exclusively designed for creators to create, mint, and market their private NFT collections to their followers and community.


Not just your typical marketplace, but GOYA is the world's first Social DeFi platform that allows every creator and their community to be involved in the world of blockchain. Given the right tools and platform, creators are able to utilize the power of blockchain into creating their own NFT collection and monetizing their hard work and content in a safe environment.

Revolutionizing the Landscape of Social Media

We have witnessed social media's relevance skyrocket in the previous decade. More than 3.4 billion individuals, or 45% of the world's population, use social media. Inevitably, these individuals resort to social media creators for guidance in making decisions.
In social media, creators are individuals who have established a reputation for their knowledge and experience on a particular subject. They create strong communities of enthusiastic, interested people who pay careful attention to their ideas by creating regular content about that subject on their favorite social media networks. Brands adore creators because they can start trends and persuade their fans to buy the things they advocate.
As the majority of creators and their community are unaware of the potential and benefits of moving into the Web3 space, GOYA intends to change their mindset and perception towards blockchain and ease the adoption of both creators and users in our SocialFi marketplace. Through this, GOYA allows creators to leverage their influencing power while maximizing revenue through their personal NFT.
GOYA assists creators in establishing digital ownership of their works and thriving in the future Web 3.0 environment. We intend to provide creators with a direct path to earning by developing numerous utility and incentive systems in the cryptocurrency space. Goya helps creators list their NFTs for their community to purchase, trade & receive access to exclusive utilities.
GOYA users will be given an opportunity to utilize a full suite of tools to explore and engage with the future of growing their wealth in cryptocurrency through a social network community of creators, overseen by the GOYA Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).